President's Blog: March 2020

We have some exciting news from TACLP, but first, thank you to everyone who made the 2019 TACLP Conference a success. From the conference committee members, to the presenters, the volunteers who helped set up and stuff bags, and the board, as well as everyone in between, we couldn't have done it without you. There was much positive feedback from conference participants, and a few suggestions and ideas we plan to implement for future events. Mark your calendar for our 2020 conference in Oklahoma City, OK on Saturday, October 24th. We hope to see you there!


TACLP is pleased to now offer a scholarship fund for interns! Our first recipient was Macey Booster, who was selected for the Fall 2019 intern scholarship. This spring, our recipient was Taylor Nash. Be on the look out for the deadline to apply for the summer internship scholarship.


We are currently reviewing applicants for our committee member positions. Thank you so much to everyone who expressed interest. We deeply appreciate your support.


TACLP has some exciting items in the works, and we look forward to continue serving the child life members in Texas and the surrounding states. If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to reach out. 


Sarah Davis, MS, CCLS
TACLP Board President 

2019 President Wrap-up Blog

It was so great to see so many familiar and new faces, including students and professionals at the 3rd Annual TACLP Conference last week at MD Anderson in Houston, TX. A HUGE thanks to each of you for making the trip and to MD Anderson and the TACLP Conference Planning Committee for putting on such an AMAZING conference filled with networking and learning over several days.

I also want to take the time to thank the board members below and their committees for the excellent work they did over the past two year:

Treasurer: Christy Lange
Secretary: Zenia Hudson
Webmaster: Sarah Davis
Conference Planning Committee Chair: Audra Trussell
Outreach Committee Chair: Riley Hammond
Professional Development Committee Chair: Amber Hill
Student Education Committee Chair: Laura Wiedemann

Below is a re-cap of the goals that this board accomplished:
• Professional Development Newsletter published each quarter and sent to membership
• Program Directory, Student Directory and Academic Directory created and uploaded to TACLP website
• TACLP launched Instagram
• TACLP Common Practicum Application and Reference Form created, launched and utilized for September deadline
• $500 Internship Scholarship created and given to first recipient for fall 2019 session. Plan will be to have these for each of the 3 internship semesters (spring, summer, fall)
• Eventbrite website created and launched for conference registration this year
• 3rd Annual TACLP Conference Successfully hosted!

We have no doubt the new board will continue to do amazing work to propel our region further! Help me congratulate and welcome the new board members as listed below:

President: Sarah Davis, The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio in San Antonio, TX
Treasurer: Meagan Linstrom, Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin, TX
Secretary: Magellan Taylor-Brickey, Baylor Scott and White Health in Fort Worth, TX
Webmaster: Laura Linville, Integris Children’s at Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma City, OK
Outreach Committee Chair: Morgan Brinson, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas, TX
Professional Development Committee Chair: Kayla Rueter, Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin, TX
Student Education Committee Chair: Elizabeth McCarroll, Texas Woman’s University in Denton, TX
Conference Planning Committee Chair: Ashley Ochs, Integris Children’s at Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma City, OK

Call for 2020 Committees-please look out for the call for Committee members which will go out via email in mid to late January.
Future Conference Save the Dates:

Saturday, October 24, 2020 at Integris Children’s at Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma City, OK
2021 Conference Location: Baylor Scott and White Health in Fort Worth, TX Date TBD

It has truly been a pleasure serving as President for the past four years. I have not doubt I will continue to see and work with you all again in the future!

Call for Board Nominations

Exciting news is that the second board’s election term has flown by, and it’s now time to hold elections for the 2019-2021 term.  The term will run from October 2019-October 2021, with the expectation that you would still be available and transitioning the new board between October 2021-January 2022.

Below are the positions that are eligible for election:

President - must be a CCLS

The President is responsible for managing and directing the monthly meetings, representing TACLP at other meetings as needed, overseeing the nomination and voting process every two years for board elections, and maintains a signature on the TACLP Bank Account.


The Secretary is responsible for recording and distributing minutes at all meetings, maintaining a list of Association members and distributing group emails as needed, monitoring the TACLP email address and attending monthly board meetings. The Secretary also maintains a signature on the TACLP Bank Account.


The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining a signature on the TACLP bank account and maintaining a list of all TACLP dues and memberships and filing taxes each year by the deadline. The Treasurer also attends monthly board meetings.


The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining the TACLP website, assuring all information is accurate and up to date and attending monthly board meetings. They also collaborate with the Conference Planning Committee Chair to create and maintain the conference registration website. 

Conference planning committee chair

The Conference Committee Chair will lead the Conference Committee in planning the annual TACLP Conference as well as provide support to the conference host committee.  The Chair will participate on the TACLP Board by attending monthly meetings, provide reports to the board and providing feedback for board decisions. 

The Conference Committee Chair will lead the Conference Planning Committee by conducting monthly meetings to review abstract submission guidelines and the review form, set abstract timelines, review abstracts to determine conference presentations and assist on-site at the annual conference, as needed.  The Chair will also provide support to the conference host committee by being a resource for planning, budgeting and logistic purposes.

Outreach committee chair

The Outreach Committee is charged with assisting in increasing membership, improving awareness of the organization, partnering with like-minded organizations and maintaining social media platforms.  The chair of this committee manages and facilitates committee meetings.  Meeting responsibilities include creating an agenda, leading the meeting and distributing meeting minutes.  The chair is also responsible for setting annual committee goals and reporting updates at board meetings.  Goals met or in progress during the last year include creating a Program Directory, available on the TACLP website, launching an Instagram account and launching a Facebook account in October at the annual conference.  Additional goals include using social media platforms to help leverage and target specific audiences, creating mentorship opportunities for one person programs and advertising regional networking/social events within the state. 

Professional Development committee chair

This committee is charged with researching ways to provide continuing education and professional development hours to TACLP members, maintaining up to date PDU newsletter on the website while working with the committee to create this each quarter. They also collaborate with the conference planning committee to facilitate the Professional Networking Event at the Regional Conference each October. The chair of this committee facilitates committee meetings, helps sets yearly goals and ensures tasks are completed by committee.

Student Education committee chair - must be a CCLS

This committee is charged with improving awareness of educational opportunities in Texas for students, increasing student membership, creating resources for students about child life  practicum and internship settings and facilitating communication about student and educator needs. The chair of this committee facilitates committee meetings, helps sets yearly goals and ensures tasks are completed by committee. The chair of this committee also facilitates the Student Education Think Tank each year the Friday before Regional Conference in October and also facilitates the Student Networking Session at the Regional Conference each year in October. They also maintain the student directory list on the website to ensure it continues to be accurate and up to date.

Note that it is a 2-year term/commitment. In addition to the expectations in the by-laws, the board meets monthly via a conference call throughout the term and then tries to meet in person 1x a year at the regional conference in October. The Committee Chairs must also hold a minimum of 1 meeting per month with the committees. Also note as indicated above that the offices of President and Student Education Committee Chair must be a CCLS.

*Please ensure that you qualify to run for your desired position by checking the by-laws. You also must continue to be a member of TACLP in good standing, so make sure your dues are paid and up to date prior to running.

Nominations:  If you are interested in running, please complete TACLP Election Nomination form in the survey monkey link below NO LATER than, August 16, 2019.  Please feel free to reach out to Krista Stringer at  with any questions or for additional information about each position and responsibility.

Survey Monkey Link for Nomination Form:

Elections: All membership will then receive a survey monkey to go in and vote on officers. The survey monkey will be open for 1 week only once it goes out (August 19). The results will be published to the membership the week of September 2 Then, the new board will get together via a conference call to discuss future meetings and next steps. We will also plan to have an in person board transition the Friday before the October conference (Friday, October 25 at 5pm in Houston, TX) for those able to attend this meeting and the conference. The Treasurer, President and Secretary will also need to meet in Houston on Wednesday, October 23 or Thursday, October 24 to meet at the Bank to change over signatures on the TACLP Bank Account.

This first two boards have done great things, but there is a lot of work and great opportunities ahead! We hope you will consider participating in this great region to help make a difference! J I’ve attached a brochure so you can see the current work that has been done and get ideas of great projects that could still be done under this new board.

Note that if you do not wish to run for a board position above, then we would love for you to consider serving on one of the committees above. Interest to serve on committees will come out in January 2020 and the commitment to be part of a committee is only 1 year.

Krista (on behalf of the current TACLP Board)

TACLP President's Blog April 2019


April 2019

TACLP President’s Blog! 

Hopefully everyone had a FANTASTIC Child Life Month in March and a GREAT time at National Child Life Conference in April for those able to go. I wanted to ensure you had updates on the great things the board and committees are doing as well as reminders of some upcoming deadlines!

Call for Abstracts: Abstracts due by May 31, 2019

It is that time for abstract submissions! Our 3rd Annual Texas Child Life Conference will be held on Saturday, October 26.  If you are interested, please go to the “Conference” tab on the webpage for more information and to submit an abstract by May 31st.  

Please contact us if you have any questions at

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A New Year, and New Updates!

January 28, 2019

TACLP President’s Blog 

I hope everyone had Happy Holidays and a great New Year so far! I’m so excited to share updates from the hard-working board members and committees of TACLP.

New Committee Interest Forms

Interest forms have gone out and are due February 1, 2019. Committee terms will start on March 1, 2019 and each committee member will serve for one year.

Below is a brief description of each committee:

Conference planning- works on reviewing and selecting conference abstracts, working with the hospital host committee to plan conference and helps on the day of conference

Professional Development-works on developing and implementing professional development opportunities for TACLP members, including helping to write and distribute the current quarterly newsletters

Outreach – looks at ways to recruit membership as well as future potential hospital support and sponsorship, including helping to maintain the current Program Directory and helping to launch the new Instagram and future Social Media platforms

Student Education- looks at opportunities to offer networking and educational materials for future student members, including helping to maintain the current Student Directory and helping to create and launch the Common Practicum Application for Texas

Committees meet a minimum of once a month for at least one hour.

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Deep In The Heart of Child Life Blog - May 2018

TACLP Members,
We are excited to share the latest regional news with you via this blog! It was great to see friendly faces at conference and I’m so proud of the way our region was represented by the attendees, session presenters and committee members this year at the National ACLP Conference. 
2018 TACLP Conference Call for Abstracts
Just a reminder that this year’s conference will be on Saturday, October 27, 2018 at Cook Children’s in Fort Worth, TX
Call for Abstracts- Deadline for abstract submissions has been extended!
If you are interested in presenting, please submit an abstract by May 31   here
(If it’s not opening the page for you, just right click and select open hyperlink)
If you have presented at the ACLP conference, you are encouraged to submit your abstract for TACLP conference as well.
Click here for the conference submission guidelines.  Please contact us if you have any questions!
Professional Development Committee PDU Survey
If you have not done so already, please take 5 mins to complete the survey to help the committee plan for future PDU opportunities for our region.
(You can right click and select “open hyperlink” or copy and paste into your browser)
Committee Updates
Our committees have been working hard with having a couple of meetings and setting some goals to start to work on. We are excited to share the updates with you below:
Professional Development Committee: Chair: Amber Hill
-80 members have responded to the PDU Survey, so thanks to everyone who has done that.
**There is still time to click on the link above and take the survey!
-This committee will review survey data and plan next steps for PDU offerings.
-They are also looking at sending a quarterly newsletter to membership about PDU offerings in Texas and in child life.
 Conference Planning Committee: Chair: Audra Trussell
-They have been working hard ironing out the logistics of the conference host site and schedule.
-They will begin reviewing abstracts after the extended May 31 deadline.
 Student Committee: Chair: Laura Wiedemann
-They are working on creating a directory of regional programs who offer student programming.
-They are considering creating a road map into becoming a CCLS for students to use.
 Outreach Committee: Chair: Riley Hammond
-They are working on creating a list of hospitals in TX, and possibly Oklahoma and New Mexico to share with membership.
-They will also be looking at social media avenues to use to communicate with membership and share information and resources.
Website Updates
We would love for you to check out the website and see the great updates that Sarah, the Webmaster has made.
We have created a “Child Life Students” tab where we have listed the Child Life 101 workshops in Texas and will be adding information about the Child Life Practicum and Child Life Internship programs.
If you have a Child Life 101 Workshop that is not added, please email and let us know and we will be happy to add it.
We will also continue to post “job openings” around Texas on the website as well. It is up the program leadership to email us at with your job opening, and permission to post it as well as to remember to contact us to remove the opening once it is filled and closed. Job postings will  be removed after 1 month unless otherwise noted by the hiring program.
This resource is meant to benefit members who are looking for job as well as programs who have job openings.
Thanks for all you do for our profession! Please let us know if you have other ideas on how we can help you and our region continue to learn, grow and network!

Krista Stringer, MS, CCLS
President, TACLP

Deep in the Heart of Child Life


TACLP Members,
I’m excited to write the first blog for 2018 on behalf of the new TACLP Board. Even though it’s only February, we have been working on and discussing some exciting things we wanted to share with you.

Committee Interest Forms
These went out via email a few days ago and are due on February 15. If you did not receive the email, please contact me at and I’m happy to forward it to you.

We anticipate the following commitments from committee members:
1. 12-month commitment (March 1st- March 1st)
2. Participation in regular conference calls
3. Completion of tasks as identified by the Committee Chair and committee members

Professional Development Committee
This committee is charged with: 
· Exploring professional development options across Texas
· Collaborating with conference committee to score and choose abstracts for the TACLP conference 2018
· Researching relevant PD partnerships to further support members

 Conference Planning Committee
This committee is charged with: 
· Reviewing abstracts for conference presentation at TACLP 2018 Conference on October 27, 2018
· Targeting the review of abstracts in mid-April to end of May
· A short term commitment

 Student Committee
This committee is charged with: 
· Improving awareness of educational opportunities in Texas
· Increasing student membership
· Creating resources for students about practicum and internship settings
· Facilitating communication about student and educator needs

 Outreach Committee
This committee is charged with: 
· Increasing membership
· Improving awareness of the organization
· Partnership with like-minded organizations
· Sponsorship by like-minded organizations

Website Updates

We would love for you to check out the website and see the great updates that Sarah, the Webmaster has made.


We have created a “Child Life Students” tab where we have listed the Child Life 101 workshops in Texas and will be adding information about the Child Life Practicum and Child Life Internship programs.

If you have a Child Life 101 Workshop that is not added, please email and let us know and we will be happy to add it.

We will also be posting “job openings” around Texas on the website as well. It is up to the program leadership to email us at with your job opening, and permission to post it as well as to remember to contact us to remove the opening once it is filled and closed.


2017-2018 Board Member Goals


Below is a list of the goals the board will be working on for this year:


  1. Creating a database so it tracks when people have joined and has emails included. 
  2. Advocate for Activity Coordinator and Child Life Assistant participation and continuing education at conference and throughout the year.
  1. Creating comprehensive list of hospital and university programs.
  2. Social media presence.
  • Help us leverage and target people
  • Create Facebook page for people to “like”
  1. Mentoring people who are a one-person program.
  2. Networking within cities.


2018 TACLP Conference/Conference Abstracts

Just a reminder that this year’s conference will be on Saturday, October 27, 2018 at Cook Children’s in Fort Worth, TX

Call for Abstracts-be on the lookout within the next month for the Call for Abstracts!

We hope to get to work with you all throughout the year on committees and see you all at conference in October! Here’s to a GREAT year for us all “Deep in the Heart of Texas!”

Krista Stringer, MS, CCLS
President, TACLP

President’s Post: Conference/Board Transition Blog

TACLP_Conference_Splash_Page_thumbnail.pngIt THRILLS me to write this post-conference blog! I hope all who went to conference had a great day of networking and learning as I know I did! I want to send a HUGE thank you to Children’s Memorial Hermann for hosting us and the TACLP Board and committees who worked tirelessly to pull off the inaugural TACLP conference!  Another big thank you to all of those who made the trip and participated as well as all of our presenters! Extra thanks goes to the inaugural and founding board who worked so hard over the past almost four years to establish this group and establish committees, and the conference.


HUGE congratulations to the following people who will serve on the new board from 2017-2019. I am honored to work with them to build upon the great foundation that the previous board laid for us to help grow our region and profession even more.

President: Krista Stringer (Children’s Health, Dallas)

Treasurer: Christy Lange (Children’s Memorial Hermann, Houston)

Secretary: Zenia Hudson (Ben Taub, Houston)

Webmaster: Sarah Davis (Children’s Hospital of San Antonio, San Antonio)

Professional Development Committee Chair : Amber Hill (Shriner’s Hospital for Children, Houston)

Conference Committee Chair: Audra Trussell (Cook Children’s Medical Center, Fort Worth)

Outreach Committee Chair: Riley Hammond (Texas Children’s, Houston)

Students Committee Chair: Laura Wiedemann (MD Anderson, Houston)


The new board will communicate their formal goals in January 2018, but below are some things we are already looking at for next year:

  • Expanding into more social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkden, etc)
  • Continue outreach with regional clinical programs and outreach even more with academic advisors
  • Outreach with other regional groups
  • Create a Calendar of Events on the TACLP website to list upcoming educational opportunities within child life
  • List the regional intern/practicum sites and contacts and common practicum offer dates for students to easily access
  • List the child life workshop events in the region and around the country for students to easily access
  • Continue hosting the annual Think Tank and Conference-next year’s conference is October 26 and 27 at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, TX


We also encourage you to look out for the Call for Committee Interest which will go out via email in January 2018! Being on a committee below is a GREAT way to get involved, and we encourage you to consider applying.

Outreach Committee
Conference Planning Committee
Professional Development Committee
Students Committee


On behalf of the new board, we look forward to working with you all over the next two years to continue to make strides to grow our region and profession!

Krista Stringer 
President of TACLP 

President's Blog: Conference Update

We are excited to give you more details about the regional conference on Saturday, October 21 at Children’s Memorial Hermann in Houston, TX.

You can visit for details, as well as for the registration link and details for booking your hotel.

**Please note that registration will close on Friday, October 6, 2017.**

Important Considerations:

  • Conference presenters have free registration so you do not need to register online!  You will just return your presenter agreement form to confirm you will be presenting and that also confirms you are attending the conference.
  • TACLP members receive a discounted conference rate!  Join TACLP prior to registering for conference to benefit from this membership perk.
  • TACLP members are also eligible to serve as a 2018 committee member. 

2017 Conference Registration fees are:

Professional Member: $85
Student Member: $60
Non-member: $115

Please Note:

  • You will not select the sessions you are planning to attend when you register.  This will be done at a later date.
  • The Wyndham Houston Medical Center Hotel is offering a discounted room rate to those attending conference.  This hotel is located within the medical center.  The discounted rate ends October 6, 2017 and rooms are limited.  Book your room today!
  • Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance for PDU verification (7 PDUs total). PDUs will not be automatically entered into ACLP profiles.
  • A “Save the Date” for the Think Tank meeting held on that Friday, October 20 for Education Coordinators, Internship Coordinators, Child Life Practicum Coordinators, and Academic Advisors is attached. The meeting will be held at Children’s Memorial Hermann and is free; however, registration is required and will be communicated via email at a later date. 

Conference Schedule:

Friday Night Social Event!

  • Welcome to Houston! Relax and get to know your colleagues from around the region at this fun and casual social event.
  • The Armadillo Palace - 5015 Kirby Dr., Houston, TX 77098
  • “A definite stop for those looking for a true Texan experience! Known as one of the best burger/brisket/food joints in Houston, the Armadillo Palace offers so much more than great food. Enjoy a cold beer or sweetened ice tea (a southern favorite!) while enjoying the fine Houston weather from a patio. Let the smell of fresh brisket and crawfish fill your head until your mouth waters for more. On weekends, relax even later to the melodies of home-grown music. And for diners that prefer the indoors, settle back to watch your favorite game on one of four big screen televisions. Come down, relax y'all.”
  • Band will start at 9:00pm.  Free before 9pm but will have to pay $15 if do not have ticket if you choose to stay after9pm.

Band: Bart Crow with Kody West

Advance Ticket Cost: General Admission $13

Day of Show Ticket Cost: General Admission $15

21 and over only 

We look forward to seeing you at the regional conference!

The TACLP Board

President's Blog July 2017

TACLP President’s Blog!

I cannot believe we are already a month into the summer! Time is flying both for our summer as well as for the term of this current board. This board is VERY hard at work with several projects as well as in looking at transition a new board at the end of the year. As always, I am excited to share with you the great things this board is doing for our region!

TACLP Conference: October 20, 2017

  •  We are THRILLED to announce that we will be offering the annual Texas conference again, starting this year. The conference will be held on Saturday, October 20, 2017 at Children’s Memorial Hermann in Houston, TX
    • Registration information will go live early August 2017 and will be on the TACLP website
    • Conference pricing is below:
      • Professional Member : $85
      • Student Member: $60
      • Non-member: $115

In addition to the professional sessions, there will also be student sessions throughout the conference as well.

  • Session Abstract/Poster submission THANK YOU to those who took the time to create and submit a session or poster abstract. We received 11 presentation and 4 poster abstract submissions. The conference planning and professional development committees will be reviewing those abstracts during the month of July will finalize the review by July 28th.  Presenters will be notified early August of their status on their submission.
    • Session/Poster topics will include: Play, Ethics, Assessment, Supportive Interventions, Other
  • There will be a meeting on Friday, October 19, 2017 for all clinical student programming and Education Coordinators as well as academic advisors. Please contact me directly at if you are interested in receiving more information about this meeting.  There is no registration fee for this meeting.

New Board Elections:
Nomination forms will be emailed on August 1 and accepted until August 15

  • All current members in good standing with TACLP can run to be part of the board for the 2017-2019 term
  • The board positions include:
    • President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Webmaster
    • Outreach Committee Chair
    • Conference Planning Committee Chair
    • Professional Development Committee Chair

Board members will meet and transition in person at the October 2017 conference as well as through various conference calls as well.

On behalf of the TACLP board, I truly you in advance for being a member of TACLP and being a great professional who helps make a difference in the lives of patients and families. We look forward to getting to meet you at the upcoming conference in October! 

You can also SAVE The Date for the 2018 conference:
2018 Conference:  will be at Cook Children’s in Fort Worth, TX in October 2018!!  


Krista Stringer
President of TACLP