Call for Board Nominations

Exciting news is that the second board’s election term has flown by, and it’s now time to hold elections for the 2019-2021 term.  The term will run from October 2019-October 2021, with the expectation that you would still be available and transitioning the new board between October 2021-January 2022.

Below are the positions that are eligible for election:

President - must be a CCLS

The President is responsible for managing and directing the monthly meetings, representing TACLP at other meetings as needed, overseeing the nomination and voting process every two years for board elections, and maintains a signature on the TACLP Bank Account.


The Secretary is responsible for recording and distributing minutes at all meetings, maintaining a list of Association members and distributing group emails as needed, monitoring the TACLP email address and attending monthly board meetings. The Secretary also maintains a signature on the TACLP Bank Account.


The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining a signature on the TACLP bank account and maintaining a list of all TACLP dues and memberships and filing taxes each year by the deadline. The Treasurer also attends monthly board meetings.


The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining the TACLP website, assuring all information is accurate and up to date and attending monthly board meetings. They also collaborate with the Conference Planning Committee Chair to create and maintain the conference registration website. 

Conference planning committee chair

The Conference Committee Chair will lead the Conference Committee in planning the annual TACLP Conference as well as provide support to the conference host committee.  The Chair will participate on the TACLP Board by attending monthly meetings, provide reports to the board and providing feedback for board decisions. 

The Conference Committee Chair will lead the Conference Planning Committee by conducting monthly meetings to review abstract submission guidelines and the review form, set abstract timelines, review abstracts to determine conference presentations and assist on-site at the annual conference, as needed.  The Chair will also provide support to the conference host committee by being a resource for planning, budgeting and logistic purposes.

Outreach committee chair

The Outreach Committee is charged with assisting in increasing membership, improving awareness of the organization, partnering with like-minded organizations and maintaining social media platforms.  The chair of this committee manages and facilitates committee meetings.  Meeting responsibilities include creating an agenda, leading the meeting and distributing meeting minutes.  The chair is also responsible for setting annual committee goals and reporting updates at board meetings.  Goals met or in progress during the last year include creating a Program Directory, available on the TACLP website, launching an Instagram account and launching a Facebook account in October at the annual conference.  Additional goals include using social media platforms to help leverage and target specific audiences, creating mentorship opportunities for one person programs and advertising regional networking/social events within the state. 

Professional Development committee chair

This committee is charged with researching ways to provide continuing education and professional development hours to TACLP members, maintaining up to date PDU newsletter on the website while working with the committee to create this each quarter. They also collaborate with the conference planning committee to facilitate the Professional Networking Event at the Regional Conference each October. The chair of this committee facilitates committee meetings, helps sets yearly goals and ensures tasks are completed by committee.

Student Education committee chair - must be a CCLS

This committee is charged with improving awareness of educational opportunities in Texas for students, increasing student membership, creating resources for students about child life  practicum and internship settings and facilitating communication about student and educator needs. The chair of this committee facilitates committee meetings, helps sets yearly goals and ensures tasks are completed by committee. The chair of this committee also facilitates the Student Education Think Tank each year the Friday before Regional Conference in October and also facilitates the Student Networking Session at the Regional Conference each year in October. They also maintain the student directory list on the website to ensure it continues to be accurate and up to date.

Note that it is a 2-year term/commitment. In addition to the expectations in the by-laws, the board meets monthly via a conference call throughout the term and then tries to meet in person 1x a year at the regional conference in October. The Committee Chairs must also hold a minimum of 1 meeting per month with the committees. Also note as indicated above that the offices of President and Student Education Committee Chair must be a CCLS.

*Please ensure that you qualify to run for your desired position by checking the by-laws. You also must continue to be a member of TACLP in good standing, so make sure your dues are paid and up to date prior to running.

Nominations:  If you are interested in running, please complete TACLP Election Nomination form in the survey monkey link below NO LATER than, August 16, 2019.  Please feel free to reach out to Krista Stringer at [email protected]  with any questions or for additional information about each position and responsibility.

Survey Monkey Link for Nomination Form:

Elections: All membership will then receive a survey monkey to go in and vote on officers. The survey monkey will be open for 1 week only once it goes out (August 19). The results will be published to the membership the week of September 2 Then, the new board will get together via a conference call to discuss future meetings and next steps. We will also plan to have an in person board transition the Friday before the October conference (Friday, October 25 at 5pm in Houston, TX) for those able to attend this meeting and the conference. The Treasurer, President and Secretary will also need to meet in Houston on Wednesday, October 23 or Thursday, October 24 to meet at the Bank to change over signatures on the TACLP Bank Account.

This first two boards have done great things, but there is a lot of work and great opportunities ahead! We hope you will consider participating in this great region to help make a difference! J I’ve attached a brochure so you can see the current work that has been done and get ideas of great projects that could still be done under this new board.

Note that if you do not wish to run for a board position above, then we would love for you to consider serving on one of the committees above. Interest to serve on committees will come out in January 2020 and the commitment to be part of a committee is only 1 year.

Krista (on behalf of the current TACLP Board)