Call for Abstracts

In 2015, the Texas Association of Child Life Professionals (TACLP) was established to foster and promote the professional development of its members through education and networking opportunities. TACLP invites you to submit abstracts to present for the 3rd Annual TACLP Conference at MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital.  Presentations should be relevant to the field of child life which would include presentations and posters on ethics, play, assessment, interventions, or other innovative and pertinent topics. The abstract submission deadline is May 31, 2019. 

For all accepted abstracts, presenters are expected to register for conference, but the registration fee will be waived.  

Submission Guidelines:

  • Presenters are limited to two abstract submissions, in total, per conference. 
  • TACLP uses a blind review process for the abstract reviews. 
  • Presenters and institutions must NOT be identified by name or description in the abstract, outline, or summary. Please do not use a specific program name that is attributed to your hospital (think of it like something that is ‘trademarked’ or ‘copyrighted’ to your program). You may use "this author" "this program", "this hospital", in your submission to avoid disclosing yourself, your institution, or your program. 
  • If you, your institution, or program is named, your abstract will not be reviewed. 
  • Each abstract must be written in narrative form, meaning in the third person. 
  • Presenters shall not sell or promote any particular product or service at any time during the presentation. 
  • If your abstract submission does not follow the current submission guidelines, your submission may be eliminated from the review process.

Information on Submitting an Abstract

Ready to submit an abstract? All abstracts are submitted through an online Google Forms document.  You will need to be able to enter the information given below into the online form.  

(For more information on Domains and Tasks for presentations, please visit the Certification page on the Association for Child Life Professionals website.)


Please complete the TACLP Conference Abstract Submissions Form Here