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We are excited to provide you with the TACLP Common Practicum Application. This application is in response to our hope in continuing to streamline processes for students in our region. As most of you know, this practicum application process is intended to model the Common Internship Application provided through ACLP. We definitely heard you over the last few months and appreciate your feedback throughout this process to help us develop this application.

We are asking all child life practicum sites to update their current applications and websites to reflect this updated application for the September 19, 2019 practicum deadline. We strongly encourage programs to make these changes and to consider using the new documents to foster consistency and streamline the application process! The goal is to utilize this common application for at least one year. Following the first year, we will conduct a follow up survey to see how the application is working and gauge any potential edits or additions.

Practicum Application Click Here! 

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Please contact Meghan Kamau, SACLP Student Committee Chair, via email at [email protected] for any questions or concerns.



For overall questions, you may contact: [email protected]