CALL FOR ABSTRACTS for 2021 Virtual Conference: 

Our 5th Annual TACLP Regional Conference will be a two half-day virtual conference. The Virtual Conference dates and times are listed below.

  • Friday, October 1st from 8am-12pm: Leader Roundtable
  • Friday, October 8th from 8am-12pm: Conference
  • Friday, October 22nd from 8am-12pm: Conference

 Abstracts are due by  August 31st , 2021.  You can complete your online abstract submission form at: 2021 TACLP Conference Abstract Submission


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It was one of the primary goals of the founding TACLP members to reinstate professional development opportunities. In 2017, TACLP hosted the 1st Annual TACLP Regional Child Life Conference in Houston, TX. In 2018, the 2nd Annual TACLP Regional Conference was hosted in Fort Worth, TX, and in 2019, the 3rd Annual TACLP Regional Conference was hosted in Houston, TX. For 2020, due to COVID-19, the 4th Annual TACLP Regional Conference is being reconstructed as a Webinar Series so members are still able to participate in professional development opportunities and networking. TACLP plans on hosting the 5th Annual TACLP Regional Conference in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at INTEGRIS Children’s, which will include traditional presentations and poster presentations that are appropriate for both child life professionals and students.  

If you are unable to attend a live webinar, a link to the recording of the webinar will be emailed once the recording is available. PDU certificates will be awarded at the end of the webinar series via email.




Tuesday, October 6th

An Exploration of Child Life Programing & Facility Canine Assisted Therapy

Domain: Intervention 

The purpose of this study was to explore how facility-canine assistant therapy (FCAT) programs were being used in pediatric hospitals across the country, and to understand the experiences of current CCLSs who were also FCAT handlers.


 Thursday, October 15th

Being the Calm in the Storm

Domain: Intervention

Child life specialists provide vital interventions inside and outside the trauma room. Presenters will discuss collaboration with multidisciplinary staff and how to build a strong presence in the trauma bay. Discussion will include: presence from arrival, interventions and support while in the emergency department, follow-up resources, and, when needed, bereavement.


Tuesday, November 3rd

Building a Community to Optimize Patient and Family-Centered Care

Domain: Intervention

Explore how pediatric patients with long-term or frequent admissions benefit from an environment that encourages community-building within the hospital. Attendees will gain insight into play strategies and program development to intentionally create communities of patients and families by facilitating opportunities for peer relationships, emotional support, and resource-sharing.


Thursday, November 19th

Children of Adult Patients: What's the Difference?

Domain: Intervention

Child life services for children of adult patients is an increasing focal point within our field. This child life specialist will address the differences in psychosocial support for this unique population. This presentation will also address the importance additional training needed to enhance best practices for this population.


Tuesday, December 1st

Empowering Children and Families Through Play Therapy

Domain: Intervention

Play therapy has been shown to be an effective treatment modality with children and families that have experienced trauma. This workshop will provide hands on techniques for participants to use when working with children and families.   Various play techniques will be incorporated to expand the participants’ ability to engage with families when using play therapy.


Thursday, December 17th

Innovative the Field of Child Life: Gamifying Quality Improvement Tools

Domain: Intervention

Collecting survey data from patients is challenging. This session will focus on examining the benefits and challenges of gamifying data collection tools. This interactive session will be an opportunity for participants to workshop gamified quality improvement tools that have the potential to innovate the child life field.


Tuesday, January 5th

It’s Okay To Ask For Help! Child Life Co-Treating With Other Disciplines

Domain: Assessment

Certified child life specialists (CCLS) cotreat with a multitude of disciplines to help patients achieve a desired outcome. Testimonies from a Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapists explain the benefit of collaborating with child life. This presentation describes how a CCLS can assess and provide interventions to help create a positive experience when a patient may initially perceive as traumatic.


 Thursday, January 21st

WOO! The Art of Winning Others Over

 Domain: Professional Responsibility

In our child life world, we are constantly working to build rapport with patients and families, but we also spend a lot of time and effort on relationships with staff. This presentation will focus on techniques and ideas to win others over in our professional realm to create a more positive work environment and relationships when working together for the better of the children.


Tuesday, February 2nd

The Impact of Preparation For Parental Presence During Induction of Anesthesia  

Domain: Intervention 

Many parents desire parental presence at induction of anesthesia (PPIA). Research states that most parents prefer to be present during induction and consider it helpful to reduce their child’s preoperative anxiety. There is evidence to indicate that preparing parents for PPIA is beneficial for both patient and caregiver.


Thursday, February 18th

Recognizing and Planning for the Needs of Neurodiverse Patients in a Specialized Setting

Domain: Intervention

This presentation will discuss the programming that child life specialists developed and implemented to provide support and minimize stress for children with autism spectrum disorder, families, and staff during healthcare encounters. Participants will be encouraged to engage in adaptive care planning initiatives and to help increase recognition of neurodiversity.


Tuesday, March 2nd

Creating a Virtual Gathering Place for Chronically Ill Patients during a Global Pandemic

Domain: Intervention

This presentation discusses a virtual programming project which child life specialists developed to help keep chronically ill patients socially connected when gathering spaces within the hospital closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants will learn innovative ways to use technology beyond the pandemic to help patients cope with social isolation.


Thursday, March 18th

Virtually Supporting Our Community During Covid-19

Domain: Intervention

Child Life Specialists across the country responded and creatively collaborated for a shared purpose: to continue to provide education and coping support to patients, families, staff, and their broader communities during a pandemic. This interactive presentation will invite discussion and share three resources implemented by our child life department.





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