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LEVEL UP! Join us for our 5th Annual Southern Association of Child Life Professionals (formerly TACLP) Regional Conference will be a two half-day virtual conference. The Virtual Conference dates and times are listed below.

  • Friday, October 1st from 8am-12pm: Leader Roundtable
  • Friday, October 8th from 8am-12pm: Conference
  • Friday, October 22nd from 8am-12pm: Conference


Price for Registration is for Both Conference Days (Oct 8 & Oct 22)  

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Day 1: October 8th

7:45am: Introductions and Welcome


8am-9am: Lindsay Semler, DNP, RN, CCRN, NPD-BC, WTA-C – Clinical Ethicist

Presentation: Moral Distress (Ethics)


9am-10amAshley Rapske 

Presentation: Appreciation Nation: What is Your Language of Appreciation (Professional Responsibility)


The five languages of appreciation in the workplace is the focus. Discover what your primary language of appreciation is. Understanding your own personal language of appreciation preferences and the language of appreciation preferences of others makes a huge difference to empower people to feel appreciated and valued. There are many different tools to communicate appreciation to fit everyone’s unique primary language of appreciation.     


10am-11am: Ashley Tucker & Laura Chalk & Richard Berry 

Presentation: Lacerations, Burns, and Partial Amputations, OH MY! Child Life and Wound Care in the Emergency Department (Intervention)


A common reason for children and teens to visit the emergency room is sustaining injuries requiring laceration repairs or significant wound care. Child life specialists collaborate with a well-established wound care team to provide preparation, reduce anxiety, and promote family centered care for pediatric patients needing wound care procedures.


11am-12pm: Connie Baker, MS - Co-creator of the Wong-Baker FACES Pain Rating Scale

Presentation: Restore Your Wellbeing (Professional Responsibility)

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12pm-12:15pm: Closing



Day 2: October 22nd

7:45am: Introductions and Welcome


8am-9am: Matt Bryson

Presentation: Integrating Technology into the Patient Experience (Intervention


9am-10am: Kayla Rueter

Presentation: The Complete Guide to Play in the Hospital Setting (Intervention)


Play is a key piece of our role as CCLS’. Through our training, we are taught the importance of play and its implications for children in the hospital. What we are not taught is how to adapt play for patients of impaired consciousness in order to provide the same benefits of play but to children who cannot participate. This presentation will provide education on different types of play, how play differs from inpatient to outpatient, what disorders of consciousness are, and how play can benefit this patient population.


10am-11am: Kathryn Cantrell & Michelle Fritsche

Presentation: Identifying Gaps in the Family Focused Literature: A Workshop for Creating Attainable Research Proposals (Professional Responsibility)


When providing patient and family-centered care, child life specialists depend on their knowledge of families. This review sought to update the description of family adjustment during hospitalization; however, results highlight a lack of recent child life literature discussing families. Implications for practice and research recommendations will be discussed. 


11am-12pm: Marianne Matzo

Presentation: Talking with Children About Death (Intervention)

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There is a wide variation in the ways children of the same age understand death based on what they have experienced and what they already know about it. A child’s understanding of death often draws upon an ages and stages model, but there can be tremendous variability between children. This presentation will share four basic concepts to facilitate a child’s understanding about death and resources to simplify the process.

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