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The Southern Association of Child Life Professionals (SACLP) [previously Texas Association of Child Life Professionals - TACLP] consists of certified child life specialists, students, educators and community members interested in the child life profession.

Why join SACLP (previously TACLP)?

We are excited to offer this formal organization as a platform to expand networking, collaboration, and professional education opportunities for child life specialists. Membership in this organization will include:

  • the opportunity to run for a board position
  • serve on a committee
  • network with other child life professionals
  • engage in educational opportunities
  • stay up to date on child life events happening throughout the southern region.

As we continue to develop our organization, members will have the opportunity to join a SACLP committee and help to determine the role, future and direction of that committee within our organization.  For 2016, we will be seeking member volunteers to serve on three committees: 

Conference planning - will work on developing a conference planning structure and then will work with host hospitals to help coordinate and manage Texas child life conferences

Professional Development - will work on developing and implementing professional development opportunities for SACLP members 

Outreach - will look at ways to recruit membership as well as future potential hospital support and sponsorship

We thank you in advance for joining and being a part of this groundbreaking opportunity for child life professionals in the state of Texas.

How do I join SACLP (previously TACLP)?

Joining SACLP is a two-step process:

  1. Sign up for an account on by using the Sign In/Sign Up buttons on the right side of the home page.
    Sign up with your Facebook account, your Twitter account, or by email. You will be asked to provide basic contact information and confirm your email address.

  2. Select a membership type and pay the appropriate fee.
    Once you have verified your email address, you will be able to purchase your membership. Membership fees are paid electronically and SACLP accepts major credit cards and PayPal. For questions regarding memberships or payment methods, please contact [email protected].

What types of membership are available?

SACLP has four different membership types:

  • Child Life Specialist ($30)
    This membership level is open to certified child life specialists and individuals who have completed the eligibility requirements to sit for the Child Life Council certification exam. 
  • Educator ($25)
    This membership level is for individuals that teach child life students at the college or university level.  
  • Student ($25)
    This membership is for undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in child life coursework, or for individuals currently completing a child life internship. Student membership is not yet available.  We will be offering student membership in 2017. 
  • Associate ($20)
    This membership is for child life assistants and individuals who come from another discipline or profession but want to remain informed about issues affecting child life, such as members of the interdisciplinary health care team (social workers, expressive arts therapists, nurses, doctors). 

 All memberships must be renewed annually.

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