President's Blog March 2021

It is amazing that TACLP's current board has already jumped into its second year. I feel like the first year flew by, though this might be in part due to COVID-19 causing many pivots for us all. While we aren't out of the pandemic woods yet and the recent dramatic weather has definitely caused additional chaos, I am excited to see what TACLP will accomplish in 2021. So please enjoy all the exciting events and updates that TACLP has planned below!


A few weeks ago the TACLP Board sent out an invitation to vote on a possible name change. It has been expressed from many in the membership how the current name of our organization (Texas Association of Child Life Professionals) doesn't fully represent the membership. We currently have members living in Oklahoma and Louisiana, as well as two board members who are located in Oklahoma. Additionally the 2021 conference will be held in Oklahoma this year (pending the pandemic). 


To that end, there has been ongoing discussions on a name that would better represent the members of our association. After a rigorous review by members, the name "TOLA-ACLP" has been dropped. We apologize for any confusion the email might have caused. There were multiple names suggested by members, the most frequently being South-Central Association of Child Life Professionals. Since this name was organically suggested by many different individuals, the board feels that it is a better representation of the members.


Members will officially vote on a name change in the coming months. Now is also the time to update the bylaws, so in an effort to keep voting simple, we will have members vote on both the name change and the bylaws in one ballot. You will receive an invitation to vote on the association's name as well as the updates to the bylaws in an upcoming email. I would like to note that you will be voting on one item at a time and will have the opportunity to put forward a different name if you desire during the voting process.


In other news, we are very happy that our transition from an in-person conference to a webinar series was successful. So far we have completed 9 of our 12 webinars and the feedback has been very positive. Additionally it has been fun to see webinar participants from all over the U.S. join our bi-monthly presentations. This transition has definitely opened our association to thinking about how we can use the virtual world to connect with people who have limited travel abilities. At this time we are still hopeful that we can have our 2021 conference face-to-face in Oklahoma. The TACLP Board prioritizes the safety and wellbeing of our community and continues to monitor current COVID-19 information. We will keep the membership abreast as to the 2021 conference plans as they unfold.


Additionally, TACLP has graciously agreed to take over Child Life 101 classes that were previously offered on-site at multiple hospitals across Texas. Due to the pandemic restricting visitors and students in the hospital, TACLP was asked to provide an online version of the Child Life 101 class so students can continue to learn about the field of child life. If you are interested in more information, please see the "students" tab on our website.


Finally, Happy Child Life Month! The TACLP Board would like to spread the love by sending a surprise gift to the child life specialists in our association. Gifts will be sent to child life professionals in our region. To add your name to our gift list, please follow this link:


***For CCLSs in a child life program with more than 1 child life professional, please have 1 person from the program fill out the form. For example, INTEGRIS Children's should have 1 person fill out the form for the whole child life department.


While I hope that 2021's unpredictability is now behind us, we will still focus on being prepared for what the rest of the year has in store. TACLP is committed to supporting our members in any way that we can. If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to reach out.


Be well and play often!


Sarah Davis, MS, CCLS

TACLP President


Instructions for Child Life Month Gift List Google Form:

CCLS working in a child life program with other child life professionals: Please have one member of your department fill out the google form with the hospital/university name, the number of child life professionals in your program as well as your department's mailing address

CCLS by yourself in a community program, university, or in private practice: Please fill out this google form with your current mailing address and place of employment.

Click here to submit information on Google Form.