President's Update

TACLP President’s Blog! 

I’m excited to give you all some updates on things we have been working hard on since January’s blog!  We have been busily working on getting non-profit status for our organization, which I’m pleased to announce is now official! J We have also established task forces which will start meeting monthly via conference calls.  

Below are updates to the current goals the board made and are working on:

Goal 1: To offer membership opportunities to all certified child life specialist professionals in the state of Texas immediately. To look at additional membership opportunities for academic educators and child life students and associates in 2016 and beyond.  We are currently offering membership to each level other than students at this time.  More to come on student membership at a later date.

Goal 2: To fill each committee (with the exception of Student Education) with members and hold committee meetings to determine committee specific goals and direction.  We have formed the following task forces to meet via conference calls to work on the charges as listed below:

Outreach Committee Task Force

This task force is charged with exploring avenues and opportunities for:

  • increasing membership
  • improving awareness of the organization
  • partnership with like-minded organizations
  • sponsorship by like-minded organizations


Conference Planning Task Force

This task force is charged with:

  • benchmarking the process of conference planning
  • developing Call for Abstracts for regional conference
  • identifying dates/location for 2017 conference
  • recruiting local planning committee for 2017 conference


Professional Development Task Force

This task force is charged with:

  • researching professional development needs for TACLP members        
  • seeking opportunities for professional development within the state of Texas
  • identifying avenues to share those opportunities with TACLP membership
  • exploring opportunities to develop webinars for TACLP members

Goal 3: To look at future conference planning and structure for the state of Texas and begin to secure locations for future conferences in 2016 and beyond, which would be managed by the Conference Planning Committee.  The Conference Planning Committee task force is currently working on securing a location for a conference in October 2017. More to come on the details of the dates, locations, and specific structure at a later date.

Goal 4: To look into the possibility of offering educational opportunities to membership coordinated by the Professional Development Committee.  The professional development task force is currently looking at current offerings by CLC as well as additional state wide offerings we can create and offer.

Goal 5: To post a calendar of events section on to help membership stay up to date re: events around Texas.  We do have this section up, so please email us at [email protected]  if you have anything to add to the calendar. We have also posted the TACLP information on the CLC page for regional and state groups as well.

We always welcome any feedback or input you may have. You can feel free to contact the board members at [email protected]

Thanks for all you do in working with patients and families, and for your willingness to join the TACLP and continue to learn and grow while also helping others to do the same. 

Krista Stringer 
President of TACLP