Welcome to TACLP

TACLP President’s Blog! 

It is with GREAT pleasure that I write the first blog for the Texas Association of Child Life Professionals (TACLP). For the past three years a small group of child life professionals in Texas have been working hard to create this formal organization that will serve as a great networking and educational opportunity for child life professionals academic educators, and students in the state of Texas. 

We are THRILLED to have this website up and running and to officially open membership up to certified child life specialist professionals at this time. Membership in this organization will include the opportunity to run for a board position, serve on a committee, network with other child life professionals, engage in educational opportunities, and stay up to date on events happening throughout the state of Texas. The immediate benefits of membership will include: the opportunity to join one of the following committees and help to determine the role, future and direction of the committee. 

Below is a brief description of each committee at this time and the goal will be for each committee to meet and decide on exact roles and goals throughout this next year: 

Conference planning- will work on developing a conference planning structure and then will work with the host hospital to help coordinate and manage Texas state conferences 

Professional Development-will work on developing and implementing professional development opportunities for TACLP members 

Outreach –will look at ways to recruit membership as well as future potential hospital support and sponsorship

Student Education (this committee will be added in the future once student membership is added)-will look at opportunities to offer networking and educational materials for future student members 


The current board, which will be in place until October 2017, has made the following goals: 

  1. To offer membership opportunities to all certified child life specialist professionals in the state of Texas immediately. To look at additional membership opportunities for academic educators and child life students and associates in 2016 and beyond. 
  2. To fill each committee (with the exception of Student Education) with members and hold committee meetings to determine committee specific goals and direction. 
  3. To look at future conference planning and structure for the state of Texas and begin to secure locations for future conferences in 2016 and beyond, which would be managed by the Conference Planning Committee. 
  4. To look into the possibility of offering educational opportunities to membership coordinated by the Professional Development Committee. 
  5. To post a calendar of events section on taclp.org to help membership stay up to date re: events around Texas.

Child life professionals, academic educators and students have already done a great job of networking and providing education to one another, and we are excited to offer this formal organization and platform to continue and even expand on those opportunities. We thank you in advance for joining and being a part of this groundbreaking opportunity for child life professionals in the state of Texas.  We also appreciate your patience and flexibility as we begin the first year of our journey as a formal organization. We always welcome any feedback or input you may have. You can feel free to contact the board members at [email protected]

Thanks for all you do in working with patients and families, and for your willingness to join the TACLP and continue to learn and grow while also helping others to do the same. 


Krista Stringer
President of TACLP